Way Maker, Promise Keeper – Moving with God


It was on March 11, 2003 that the Lord put this word “BELFAST” into my heart during a conference in Trinity Church, Singapore, and ever since the burden for this land began to grow like a seed inside. God ignited the fire when we visited a home the next day to deliver some pickles from Kerala to a family there. We learned their son is pioneering a church in Belfast and it was like a macedonian call coming when this Son from Belfast called home to enquire about his parents. That was Ps. Roy Varghese, pioneering a Victory Family Church in Belfast – described belfast as the land of troubles asking me to keep them in prayers. He shared his email id – which was pray4belfast@hotmail.com

Coming back to my home church Exodus in Cochin, Kerala, this land began to grow inside me. I knew in my Spirit that one day i would have to take an Exodus to Ireland. During those waiting period i put together some key places in Belfast, and stuck in on my bedroom door. Whenever i see that poster “Mission  Belfast” i used to speak to that land, the airport that i’m coming soon!!

In the year 2008, i felt the Lord asking me to get equipped with an International – Cross cultural training for my Missions ahead. While i had some courses in mind to do in Europe, the lord redirected me to Singapore and to City Harvest Church – where me and my wife was trained the next 6 months in School of Theology – basically learning into Church Ministries and Keys to Pioneering. After graduating this course we were thinking our next move was to Europe but the Lord gave us a burden to go back to our church and implement all that we’ve learned from this course in our church. 

2009 – 2013 – We saw the next season over Exodus where nearly 5 more key leaders were trained under this training and we could see a gradual shift into raising up many platforms for our members to serve in the church. By then we had seen ministries growing and members moving into ministers. Some of the ministries started are: Ushering, Greeters; Photography; Sound; LCD, Live Streaming; Worship team; Cell group ministry. All these ministries provided platform for discipleship and into Leadership.

In the Year 2013, the Lord stirred my heart again during the month of March around same time while attending Kingdom Invasion in Singapore – it was 10 years since i’ve been sitting on this Egg of Promise – I felt i need to step out in Faith to scout, Spy the land. God led me to do a 9 week counselling Flagship School with Ellel Ministries at Lancaster from May to July 5.

After my school i was desiring to go visit the land and got reconnected with Ps Roy who had moved on to Liverpool. He contacted his associate Ps. Jason Smyth who offered accommodation at his place. So i booked for three days trip to belfast – July 6 – 8, 2013

The First picture in the poster was fulfilled – i landed at George Best – Belfast City Airport on July 6, 2013.
What a faithful God we serve.
When i arrived i was received by Sis June, who handed me the keys of Ps Jason house and told he is working till midnight and will join me after his work. I was overwhelmed by the provision of God in a foreign land. 

My First sunday in Belfast was on July 7, 2013 – 7/7/13 – which was like fullness of time for me, since on our journey to church – Ps Jason informed me the worship leader is not available that sunday since he had double duty at Apple. I saw how the Lord had been preparing me for the last 10 years at church – God equipped me with sound ministry, worship ministry, LCD ministry – which were all helpful for this day – as i was the sound engineer, LCD and desktop ; leading worship , sharing testimony and message – all together everything was a package and God enabled me to be a blessing for their service.

After that service shortly another church and Indian congregation started coming in as they were also using the same building for their church service. I met Ps Jacob George who was leading the church – it was a malayalam service and they wanted me to stay back for their church service also. Coming to a strange and foreign land – Lord orchestrated everything for my way. Ps Jacob took me around belfast and Ps Jason took me to the nearby hill Cave Hill where we could see the entire city and pray for the land. 

More Pics from my trip can be viewed at https://photos.app.goo.gl/6K2PgAiPPdM5x6uU8

I came back to India by July 14 – with a heart full of burden and blessed memories from the promised land.