The Journey through different Seasons! 2014 – 2016

With Pastor Abe Thomas (Exodus Church, Kochi) @ Belfast – 2016

Soon we were greeted with the news that God is enlarging our tents and we had entered into our second season of raising children. Reshma was expecting our second child Keren who was due in April 2014. I was also carrying the vision (Belfast) for sometime, i was feeling it moving inside of me and before we start our next season i felt to take a second trip to scout the land and build a network of relationships in Northern Ireland. This time Pastor Abe was also travelling through UK and we both joined together in Belfast.

I spend 10 days in Belfast and joined an Evangelism outreach with a local church – Cross Walk 39+1 – Walking across the main streets of Shankill with the message of the cross – John 3:16 and passing out tracts to the people on the road. This was a blessing for me to join this Easter Outreach of New Life church and Ps. Jack Mckee who is one of the key pastors with a heart for reaching out the lost in Belfast. Their church was exactly located in the center area where the border for Catholic and Protestant dividing wall stands.

Cross Walk with Pastor Jack McKee, New Life City Church – Belfast

2015 – we were unable to make any trips as we were hands full on with Joshua and Keren and church ministry. 

2016 May – We both had a 40 days fasting and prayer and in the Month of May we went to visit Belfast, UK and Wales for two weeks with Reshma.

We scouted through different places, went to Ywam base in Rostrevor, Stayed with friends in Dublin and Wales, London – we had an opening in Cardiff with Pioneers missions agency – they were willing to connect us to a church in Cardiff as we had our friends in Newport also to receive us. We felt this could be a door for us to start our mission work in UK.

But unlike any mission organisation – Pioneers also required us to raise our own finances for all our expenses. We went through a financial drought and we felt he have to give up pioneers since we didn’t had enough money to pay for the medical tests and orientation which was scheduled in Delhi for 3 days. My Faith felt shaky and didnt know where we were headed as doors seemed to be closing before us. But God had been watering us when we grew weary and tired.

We went through a tunnel period from 2016 – 2018 where we were unable to hear YES / NO from God. But God was present and quiet – also there came another level of trusting God for our daily needs. God supplied all our needs and he taught us again  that man shall not live by bread alone but by the Word of God.