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Mission from a Vision

Mission From a Vision

Way Maker, Promise Keeper – Moving with God


It was on March 11, 2003 that the Lord put this word “BELFAST” into my heart during a conference in Trinity Church, Singapore, and ever since the burden for this land began to grow like a seed inside. God ignited the fire when we visited a home the next day to deliver some pickles from Kerala to a family there. We learned their son is pioneering a church in Belfast and it was like a macedonian call coming when this Son from Belfast called home to enquire about his parents. That was Ps. Roy Varghese, pioneering a Victory Family Church in Belfast – described belfast as the land of troubles asking me to keep them in prayers. He shared his email id – which was pray4belfast@hotmail.com

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Mission Belfast – Scout Journey

The Journey through different Seasons! 2014 – 2016

With Pastor Abe Thomas (Exodus Church, Kochi) @ Belfast – 2016

Soon we were greeted with the news that God is enlarging our tents and we had entered into our second season of raising children. Reshma was expecting our second child Keren who was due in April 2014. I was also carrying the vision (Belfast) for sometime, i was feeling it moving inside of me and before we start our next season i felt to take a second trip to scout the land and build a network of relationships in Northern Ireland. This time Pastor Abe was also travelling through UK and we both joined together in Belfast.

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